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Prepare your body and mind - Enjoy the peace of mind of Zen
“Self-maintenance & Yuru Zazen”

A model course set in the scenic Daiziin

Daijiin Overview


Daitokuji Daijiin Overview Daitokuji Daijiin was founded in 1585 by Tenshu Sogen, the founder.
This Zen temple is located within Daitokuji Temple and was founded by women such as Oda Nobunaga's sister and Otomo Sorin's sister.

During the Nanbokucho period, Daitokuji was designated as a place of imperial request by Emperor Go-Daigo of the Southern Court and Retired Emperor Hanazono of the Northern Court.

It is said to be the unparalleled Zen garden and the best Zen temple in Japan.


Daitoku-ji Temple is known for its strict Zen training, and during the Muromachi period, Ikkyu Zen Master came from Daitoku-ji Temple.

Even today, he is a famous monk who is nicknamed ``Ikkyu-san,'' but he is also famous as a monk who breaks the precepts by eating meat, drinking alcohol, and not shying away from women.


He played an important role in connecting modern Japanese Buddhism from a bureaucratic form of Buddhism that only followed precepts.


Thanks to this, Zen, which was imported directly from China, has become familiar to Japanese people.

Zen Master Ikkyu's Zen has had a great influence on Japanese culture, which values the ``harmony'' of nature and people, such as tea ceremony, Noh, sumi-e, and renga haikai.


Wabicha, which has a particularly deep connection with tea, was born here at Daitokuji Temple by Sen no Rikyu.

Also, zazen is known to be difficult,

The idea was to allow the general public who are experiencing zazen for the first time to feel the peace of Zen.

Daijiin's ``Self Maintenance & Yuru Zazen''.

The body and mind are connected and are two sides of the same coin.

By adjusting your body, calm breathing will come naturally.

Eventually, your own calm and quiet mind will be revealed, and you will feel the richness of your quiet mind and enjoy the good times.

[Tour points]

 1. Walk slowly on the stone pavement of the pine tree-lined approach to Daitokuji Temple.

⒉ It is a Zen temple where Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Sen no Rikyu, and many Sengoku warlords became devotees during the Sengoku period.

⒊ Take your time to admire the old moss garden from the Edo period.

⒋ Sermon on the connection between body and mind

⒌ Adjust the five elements of zazen: relaxation, breathing, posture, center of gravity, and yin and yang.

⒍ Enjoy a cup of matcha while experiencing the rituals of the tea ceremony in the tea room of a Zen temple.

⒎ A richness of mind that is separate from joy, anger, sadness, and happiness. Experience the quiet mind of Zen.

⒏ We will listen to your wishes and offer a memorial service and prayer.

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