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Q: I would like to order for around 20 people. Is that okay?

A: Basically, we do not accept groups for special viewings. If 2 to 4 people can ride in the car, up to 8 people can ride at a time.

We also accept groups for dining out.


Q: Will the price be cheaper if there are more people?

A: Regardless of the basic number of people, it is 1 million yen for 2 people.


Q: Is the cost of drinks included when eating at a restaurant?

A: Not included. We will invoice you for the actual cost at a later date.


Q: How should I pay?

A: Payment will be made by card at the time of application.


Q: Is there another temple I would like to go to?

A: Yes, it's okay. Guides will be provided, but special visits will be negotiated at each temple.


Q: Can I choose the car model?

A: You can choose your favorite car model from those listed on our website, but it is first-order first.


Q: I'm planning to stay in Kyoto for about a week, but will you be able to guide me for as many days as possible?

A: Yes, it is possible. If you tell me where you want to go or where you want me to guide you, I will take your time.

We will confirm in advance whether special viewing rooms or other spaces are available.


Q: Is it possible to just act as a reservation agent for hotels and restaurants?

A: Yes, but a reservation fee and deposit will be required.


Q: Can you prepare a restaurant that is cheap and delicious?

A: Yes. it's okay. We will introduce you to local food.


Q: Is it possible to wear a kimono?

A: Yes. it's okay. Although we basically purchase kimonos, we also provide high-quality kimonos that can be rented.


Q: When can I apply?

A: We may also arrange surprises for your loved ones, such as wedding anniversaries and marriage proposals.

We also provide services for various other situations and VIPs.



Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Basically, everything is paid in advance. The charge is 100% from the time the reservation is made.

Q: Huh? Isn't that strange?

A: In the small town of Kyoto, everything is connected to the left and right, so we had to force reservations at restaurants that normally don't take reservations, and even canceled reservations even though we had a priest at a famous temple make reservations. Then, the next time, she gently said, ``Ah, I'm sorry I have other plans that day...''

This is because you may be refused entry or be banned semi-permanently.

Q: I see. We are chosen customers. Thank you.


Q: This is my first time going to Kyoto, do you have any recommendations?

A: Yes, we recommend this course from HP.

URL: kyotoluxurysecretconcierge


Q: Is the restaurant you recommended really delicious even though it is not listed in Michelin?

A: In Kyoto, there is a long-standing culture that says, "No first-time visitors are allowed." This is to avoid having strange customers come in out of consideration for the customers who have been loyal to them for a long time, so many restaurants refuse interviews with magazines and media, even if they are Michelin-starred. There are many shops like this that are only known to people in Kyoto. This is one of the shops we are introducing this time.

Thank you. I'm really looking forward to it.

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